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Alison Grayson is a death dwelling conduit of creation and transformation.


Her work pulls energy from multiple realms, with many pieces combining the painting of an entity with the power of carved skulls.

As a clairsentient, Alison believes her responsibility is to listen and honor, not to dictate.  Each design is unplanned and unique to the creation's voice, with the elements being carved or painted  as they reveal themselves. 

She strongly believes that all life and forces on this earth are of animate spirit, and that the trauma encapsulated in the animal's bodies can block their energy from fully transforming outwards after death. She also believes that this trauma can be compounded, being carried along from one iteration of consciousness into subsequent rebirths. By nurturing the animal in its death and releasing this trapped energy, Alison is working to heal a cycle of trauma.


When not traveling with her art or as a transformational facilitator, Alison spends her time in Portland OR with her canine familiar Ballast. In addition to a transformational artist, she is a storyteller, a fighter, a dancer, a lover of life, and an appreciator of death.  Her connection with death has expanded greatly since her first carves, pulling her into becoming a Death Doula, transformational coach, and a workshop facilitator for Befriending Death.  For booking information, please contact alison.grayson@gmail.com <3

Alison has been featured with her art on Good Day Oregon, to watch click HERE and HERE <3