I present to you, Tiger.  When Kody Antle casually messaged me about doing a memorial piece for one of the tigers from his sanctuary, I was not expecting to actually receive this beauty in the mail several days later! I don't even have words for what an incredible honor it was to be so thoroughly trusted to help this magnificent creature continue his transformation. Swipe through for more photos, and be sure to follow me to see more photos of Tiger and other hand carved real skulls!

From Lucidity Festival and Desert Hearts s in California, to Sonic Bloom  in Colorado, to my little studio in Oregon, Tiger continued to be a cosmic messenger for animal conservation education even in his death. He might be the first carved tiger skull (at least by a modern human) and working with him at festivals where thousands of people were able to witness the process and partake in the magick is beyond spellbinding.

The design on Tiger's forehead is a honored family symbol, but the rest of his carve was done in my traditional style - an unplanned, freehanded conversation with the energies within the skull. Adorned with a straight-up regal amount of 24k gold leaf, labradorite, and sunstone, Tiger is anointed to continue being a peaceful warrior in his passing. I am beyond honored that Tiger trusted me throughout this process and revealed his voice to me. I have so much gratitude for this path I'm on and the experiences and opportunities it's lead me to.

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Model photo credit to @darkmatterphotographs

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