This piece was started as a live carve at Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival, and marks my first adventure into live carving.  I absolutely loved carving among the trees, other artists, and the energy of the festival.

I finished the carve in my studio, and it was clear that the carve was calling for more vibrant colors than my usual palette.  However, the bright colors took in an inconsistent way, bleed throughout the skull, and made it so the visual debth of the piece was absolutely lost. I was devastated.  I had actually gone back to Paxton Gate to manically buy another Wildebeest, with the thought that I could magically carve something of the same caliper in the week and a half I had before the carve was due for a gallery show (I didn't take an exact count, but I'm guessing the first carve took 80 hours).  Needless to say, I was in a bit of a panic!

After buying the second skull, I decided to give this one one more try.  I couldn't remove the gaudy stain, but I could make the overall stain darker.  I added a healthy dose of black, intending to make it solid black, and when I wiped away the excess stain I was in awe.  In  my panic, I managed to make a beautifully weathered, Gothic, magical skull.  Here's to the Serendipity of the art, and learning to trust the process.

NEW! Prints available HERE!!