Sacred Cow Geometry marries Metatron’s cube with the serenity of the mountains and evergreens of the Pacific NW.  Every shape of the Universe is said to be within Metatron’s cube, pulling at the geometric codes found within nature, our very DNA, and the Universe itself.  This sacred geometry also serves of a map, showing how our souls fit within our physical forms, and the balancing of energy within nature. Sacred Cow Geometry illustrates the ebb and flow of energy between all creation as a pathway to personal transformation.


This skull is heavy with history, having survived a house fire and a decade forgotten inside a barn.  The skull had been reclaimed by nature when I received it, including hosting an ill-fated nest of mummified hatchlings.  The skull has been fully sanitized, but I decided to minimize the whitening process and not strip away the natural history of this cow’s journey after its death.

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