I believe our society has done a tremendous amount of harm to the masculine soul and the feminine ego. We've been lied to that we can be one or the other, pitted against each other, instead of honoring them as a beautiful balance within each of us. This piece is an invocation to heal and embrace their unity. Started in heartbreak and coming off age at Desert Hearts, the top male deer was literally born of blood, sweat, and tears. He was killed young, before his adult teeth had come in, his first growth of antlers taken for a trophy kill. It's a painful reflection of how our society robs male children of their emotional expression, cutting them off from their fullness of being and connection to their soul. She sits below, born in flow and serendipity.

Though perceived as fragile, she carries an abundance of strength. Her moon is the creation of life, a bearer of souls between dimension. Her strength is in her nurture and vulnerability, her power is in her creation. Richard Cawley has created these beautiful metal antlers, entangling the two, with each deity holding up and supporting the other, healing together into a fullness of being. We both hold so much of each deity within us. Embrace your divine fullness.

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