If you're interested in purchasing my art, commissions are one of the best ways to go.  My process is very time intensive and finished carves tend to find their homes quickly, and commissions allow me to create a piece specifically for you on an expedited time line.  I am happy to source the skull for you, or to work with a skull that you already own- working with a skull that already has meaning to someone is a honor, and I love bringing that connection and intention into the carve.

Since my process is a spiritual partnership with each skull, my commission process requires that you trust me to work with the skull in finding its design.  I can definitely lead the carve in certain directions and incorporate or exclude certain elements and themes, but if you want an already existing design carved into a skull or need something very specific, I am not the right artist for your piece.  

I am more than honored to do pet memorials, but unfortunately am not set up to clean the skull myself.  I can either accept fully clean skulls, or assist you in working with one of my colleagues who does skull cleaning/processing.

Please email me at or DM me on instagram to start a conversation regarding commissions!