Cathedral Kitty

I was a little surprised that this bobcat called for such heavy removal. My process is a freehand flow, as simple as sitting with the skull, roughly sketching out the first component that comes to the surface, carving, sketching, and revealing the skull's inner design as I go. Generally the design reveals from the third eye or crown out, though of course there's exceptions. It's usually not my style to carve away so much, but there was no hesitation that that was what this kitty needed . I've been on a fairly ornate kick with precious metal leafs and gemstones, *especially* regarding my bobcats (feisty little goddesses that they are) but I think this bobcat was set on reminding me that divinity is often in simplicity, in imperfect symmetry, in starkness and intention. It's in our bare bones, in the physical entities we landed in to navigate this consciousness. We can strip ourselves of so much and maintain our divinity, and I have no doubt that this bobcat is indeed divine.

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